School 33 Art Center


Naptime Artist Talk w/ Bonnie Crawford Kotula

03/04/2017 - 03/04/2017
Join us on Saturday, March 4th at 2pm for a Naptime Artist Talk with Bonnie Crawford Kotula! Cozy up with Bonnie's installation, of if there be flooding, in our Project Space for "storytime" with the artist, who will be telling us about her artwork and studio practice! Feel free to dress in comfy clothes! Blankets and pillows will be provided.

or if there be flooding
Bonnie Crawford Kotula’s studio practice is part science experiment, part meditation, and part mischief. Employing both cerebral and sensual faculties, she makes sculptures and installations that combine tiny LED lighting with simple materials like brightly colored trash and cheap craft supplies. or if there be flooding serves as an imagined response plan to a potential catastrophe. The title of this piece is a fragment from Advice to a Wife and Mother, published in 1878.

Flooding, in the context of the book, refers to postpartum hemorrhaging. However, this euphemistic language can be more literally interpreted to reference natural disasters or rising sea levels. Blinking lights aimed at shadowy vignettes of accumulated detritus in the installation signal tenderly to the viewer a warning, a lament.