School 33 Art Center


Artist Talk: James Bouché 'The Holy Ghost Goes to Bed at Midnight'

10/14/2017 - 10/14/2017
Join us on Saturday, October 14 at 1pm for an artist talk with James Bouché. Bouché's solo exhibition, 'The Holy Ghost Goes to Bed at Midnight', is currently on view in our Members Gallery. Come meet the artist and learn more about the exhibition and his practice!

"The seventh sense, indeed, slowly kills all the other ones, so that at last there is no trouble about the commandments. We cannot see any more, or feel, or hear about them. The bodies which we loved, the truths which we sought, the gods whom we questioned: we are deaf and blind to them now, safely and automatically balancing along toward the inevitable grave, under the protection of our last sense." -The Once and Future King

Bouché's work explores the overlap between post minimalist aesthetic and contemporary subcultures. Inspiration is drawn from fictional realities and presented as if they are props, turning the gallery into a minimal stage. The viewer becomes a passive participant, like a ghost moving through space. Holy Ghost is a reconsidering of childhood truths and values. The absolute, once easily accepted, becomes flawed and dismissed in adulthood. This work represents the developement of Bouché's relationship with his childhood spirituality; acceptance, frustration, dismissal, and reflection. 

On View September 1st - October 28, 2017