School 33 Art Center


Out/Side & In/Between Gallery Talk

10/28/2017 - 10/28/2017
Join us on Saturday, October 28 at 2pm for a Gallery Talk with the artists and curator of "Out/Side & In/Between", a group exhibition in our Main Gallery! This is the last day of the exhibition and the final chance to see the show. Come meet the artists and learn more about their work!

Participating artists include Ali Seradge, Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi, Ric Garcia, Sobia Ahmad, Niloufar Kazemzadeh, and curator Jarvis DuBois. 

About the exhibition:

"Out/Side & In/Between"
Featuring Sobia Ahmad, Ric Garcia, Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi, Niloufar Kazemzadeh, Yuni Kim Lang, OLUSEYE, Eric Rivera Barbeito, and Ali Seradge. Curated by Jarvis DuBois 

The markers of what defines an individual’s ‘nationality’ are possibly more problematic than ever under the current US administration. Immigration, as well as national and cultural identity are topics hotly debated globally. Many born outside North America who now call it home may find themselves marginalized- outside of the faulty parameters of mainstream society. The cultural practices, languages, religions and knowledge we add to the American and Canadian fabric are at times both embraced and rejected. At times contentious and tumultuous, and alternately affirming and enlightening, our relationship to Home, both past and present, is explored in Out/Side & In/Between. 

Sobia Ahmad, Ric Garcia, Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi, Niloufar Kazemzadeh, Yuni Kim Lang, Oluseye Ogunlesi, Eric Rivera Barbeito, and Ali Seradge are first and second generation immigrants from Cuba, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Puerto Rico and South Korea. Their rich backgrounds inform their work, often in response to the economic, social, and political climate in these countries and the U.S. and Canada.