School 33 Art Center


Gallery Talk: Omnibus Filing 2.0: Empathy Mirror

08/18/2018 - 08/18/2018
Join us on Saturday, August 18 at 2pm for a Gallery Talk with the artists of "Omnibus Filing 2.0: Empathy Mirror"!

Daniel Bozhkov / Steven Brower / Patrick Killoran / 
Brian Korgel / Julie Nagle / James Sham 

Omnibus Filing 2.0: Empathy Mirror is an exhibition of cross-disciplinary work by a collective of artists, scientists and researchers. Each project is an intersection of research and art— exploring themes of empathy through multiple lenses such as interspecies architecture and Artificial Intelligence. From “cuddleable” research papers to a live performance debut by renowned Chemical Engineer Dr. Brian Korgel, many of the works employ interactivity or performativity. This multi-media exhibition presents art as an alternative model for scientific research, and empathy as a means of inquiry. It is the result of countless intellectual jam sessions between minds that do not typically have the opportunity for radical collaboration, both intentional and accidental.