School 33 Art Center


You Can't Just Draw a Line in the Sand

04/28/2017 - 06/17/2017
You Can't Just Draw a Line in the Sand

You Can’t Just Draw a Line in the Sand

 (Members Gallery & Project Space)

 A Solo Exhibition of works by Dave Eassa


Just when you think everything is set in place with a clear trajectory, it seems like something always comes along to flip it all upside down. Your once certain way of being, your tried and true ways of existing within yourself, your environment, and with others… everything is now challenged and called into question. You ask yourself, “Where do I go from here?”


Dave Eassa’s You Can’t Just Draw A Line In The Sand embodies both the visual and the physical, inviting the viewer to enter the manifests through his paintings, sculptures, and immersive installations. Eassa utilizes insulation foam to carve figures, objects, and environments covered in thick, vibrant oil paint. His tactile, process-driven aesthetic contributes to his continuous narrative of negotiating personal exploration within established societal constructs.