School 33 Art Center


Something to be looked at, Something to be used

06/30/2017 - 08/19/2017
Something to be looked at, Something to be used
A solo exhibition by Giulia Piera Livi

Giulia Piera Livi interposes objects of the everyday to distort our sense of space, explore our ability to inhabit rooms, and merge the dreamlike with the rigid. Her geometric objects and paintings utilize materiality to investigate light, form, and the weirdly functional. Her work focuses on the acute and the polite, the domestic and the utilitarian. This question of domesticity comes from a curiosity of the curated home space, and how the imperfections of home life can conflict with the polish of interior design. By creating immersive environments for her paintings and objects, Giulia presents the viewer with the oddities of precision and practicality. Through this spectacle of abstraction and accessibility, she aims to determine the artist’s role in a society with modern aspirations.

Image Credit: Giulia Piera Livi- Semi Circle