School 33 Art Center


Tomorrow Passed Today

06/30/2017 - 08/19/2017
Tomorrow Passed Today
A Solo Exhibition of Works by Ursula Populoh

Ursula Populoh is interested in storytelling in its most fundamental sense. She likes to use the metaphor of a letter as a stitch—stitches form pieces of a picture, and letters form words. By adding more stitches, a picture develops, and by adding more words, a story develops. One builds on the other until the picture and the words depict the story she wants to tell. These stories come out of a long life of gathering and carrying her impressions, lessons, and memories. Over the 75 years of Ursula’s life, they have been mixing and mingling, developing and clarifying. She is glad to finally have the chance to see them bear fruit—taking shape within her art.

Image credit: Ursula Populoh- Worn and Torn to Adorn
(Machine-pieced, hand-embroidered, indigo-dyed repurposed clothing)