School 33 Art Center


Slow Form

11/10/2017 - 01/06/2018
Slow Form School 33 Art Center’s 2017 Juried Exhibition #2.

A group exhibition featuring Mary Baum, Mollye Bendell, Kei Ito, Elizabeth Mead, Lake Newton, Nick Primo, Margaret Rorison, Matthew Sepielli, and Doohyun Yoon. Curated by Natalie Campbell.

This is an exhibition of photographs, sculpture, painting, film, and video works that embody a sense of transition between two seemingly contradictory states. As we attend to these objects, matter dissolves. Focus shifts. Everyday experience is flattened, pressed, reconfigured. Simple reflections take on a kind of substance and weight. Sound is traced in ripples of sand. While individually distinct in their approach, the works of Slow Form share an ability to communicate a sense of the physical world in a state of flux. As such, they act as portals between lived experience and other forms of sense and understanding.

Image credit: Mary Baum – Point of Entry II