School 33 Art Center


(un)familiar territory

01/19/2018 - 02/24/2018
(un)familiar territory

An installation by Bobby Coleman
(un)familiar territory by Baltimore artist Bobby Coleman is an immersive art installation that echoes the urban environment through an abstract lens. Through large-scale wood-panel paintings created with “oops” paint and sculptural components, Coleman interprets the visual noise and chaotic nature that confront us on an everyday basis. Common urban elements are translated into familiar yet foreign lines, forms, and colors, and incorporated into deeply layered compositions that force the viewer to consider time and space within the work. What once represented a street sign may be adapted and built upon until it is only a faint memory -- clouded and recontextualized over time. Coleman explores the boundaries of traditional painting, allowing the works to interact by reaching from one to the next, creating an abstract urban landscape. To step inside Coleman’s (un)familiar territory is to enter an environment none of us know, yet all vaguely recognize.

Image credit: Bobby Coleman - (un)familiar territory (detail)