School 33 Art Center



08/31/2018 - 09/29/2018

A Multi-media installation by Kieun Kim

“Revealuxion,” a multi-media installation by Kieun Kim, utilizes mechanisms and forms inspired by butterfly chrysalides and stringed marionette hands. With this work, Kim envisions herself through the reflection of a chrysalis—a metaphor which embodies the suffering and vulnerability, as well as the patience and self-determination required for periods of intense personal growth. For the artist, the process of making and presenting “Revealuxion” to viewers is an exercise in unapologetically embracing and revealing the genuine self, forgoing the inclination to put forth inauthentic versions of ourselves to the people we encounter. The patience inherent with this work is reflected in the details, which feature kaleidoscopic projections, laser-cut acrylic, articulated wooden hands, and hundreds of yards of carefully stretched, illuminated cotton string. Kim received a Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in 2015, and currently resides in Lutherville, Maryland.