School 33 Art Center


Amy Jean Boebel

Artist Bio

Through my creative process, I take raw materials and ordinary objects, and put them together to elicit a transformative experience. I am driven to work with common consumer and industrial materials, shaping and assembling them outside their usual context. Experimentation is a big part of what I do. In working with aluminum wire screen, I’ve discovered that the interplay of light and surface adds surprise and even mystery to the work. There is also something mesmerizing about taking ordinary materials and transforming them into objects that evoke an emotional response and conjure up thoughts of living forms. Immersing myself in the material of aluminum screen, and pushing its limits, has allowed me to more deeply focus on shape, movement, illumination, and shadows—the screen’s ephemeral, non-utilitarian qualities. My goal is to balance an inquisitive spirit, a sense of wonder, and an elegant presence. I hope to inspire observations on how other things in life might evolve, and find new meaning through imagination and exploration of material.