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Atsuko Chirikjian

Artist Bio

Atsuko Chirikjian was born in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from Tama Art University with her BFA and MFA degrees. After she moved to the United States in 1990, she attended Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, earning an MFA in Fiber.

Her works have been exhibited in both national and international exhibitions, most recently including Baltimore and Annapolis, MD, St.Louis, MO, New York City, and Belgium. Chirikjian was a semi-finalist in the nationwide “Japan Craft Competition ‘90” (Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo) in 1990, and most recently received an honorable mention in the exhibition “Fiber Options”, (Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD) 2014.


Artist Website

Artist Statement

As an artist with a fiber art background, I see a stretched canvas not just as a surface on which to paint, but as a three-dimensional construct. I have been questioning the usage of ready-made canvases and merely creating images on them. I would like to call viewers’ attention to this underlying background material and structure.

In my work, I build my own canvas that emphasize this background structure by using layers of different materials, like thread, wire, net, twigs, and gauze. When I create Images on this material, I draw on the surface or create images embedded within the structure during the process of construction.